Strengthen National Security Along Our Borders and Overseas

Stop Illegal Immigration and Secure Our Borders


The federal government hasn’t just failed to secure our borders under the Obama Administration, they have actively encouraged more illegal immigration by not enforcing existing laws and enacting unconstitutional policies to prevent deportation and the prosecution of illegal immigrants accused of crimes. The lack of political courage to tackle this issue is shameful for such a great nation.

I will use every resource and tool necessary, including the deployment of our military, to secure the border. I will ensure that all of our laws are enforced and put an end to Sanctuary Cities. And I will strongly support Kate’s Law to enforce mandatory minimum jail time for illegal immigrants who come back to America after being deported. You break our laws; you go to prison. Finally, I will cut off tax payer ­funded services that incentivize the very behavior our immigration laws are trying to prevent.

Restore America’s Leadership in the World

Ronald Reagan believed in peace through strength and understood that when America’s military was capable of projecting power, the world was safer. The lack of leadership by Barack Obama has left us with a nuclear ­armed Iran, Vladimir Putin as a legitimate world leader, an expansionist China, and a much­ diminished American military.

Ensure That America’s Military Remains the Strongest in the World

It’s time we reinvest in our Armed Forces, empower our military, and send a message to terrorists and terrorist nations – when you endanger our nation, threaten our allies, and kill Americans, there will be no compromise and the consequences will be severe.

Rein In and Limit the Federal Government

Uphold the Constitution and Protect Against Federal Over­reach and Abuses of Power

Under the Obama Administration, federal agencies have abused their powers to target citizens for political and religious beliefs, enacted regulations to strangle industries they don’t like, and shackled our citizens to inept and failing government programs that we don’t want and can’t afford.

Cutting and limiting the federal government is not only about taking back OUR tax dollars and reducing an out ­of­ control federal debt, it’s also about taking back our freedoms and the powers granted to our states. Breaking Washington’s stranglehold means returning our nation back to “We the People” and unleashing the great American innovative, entrepreneurial, and independent spirit.

Another way to restrain the federal government and empower the American people is to limit the time a politician can stay in Washington. Term limits would help ensure our representatives tackle the tough issues and minimize the influence of lobbyists and special interests.

Unleash Economic Growth by Empowering Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Families.

By stopping unnecessary and abusive regulations, oppressive taxation, and eliminating laws that harm our economy, we can empower the people of our country to create more opportunities for our families, farmers and small businesses.

The EPA Seeks to Inflict Control on Our Farmers, Ranchers, and Energy Producers


I’ll fight to rein in the excessive regulations that stifle American agriculture and energy production.

Our Tax Policies Encourage Companies to Send Money and Jobs Overseas


I’ll support a fairer, more sensible tax system that saves our hard­working families money and brings investments and jobs back to America.

The American Oil Export Ban Prevents Texas Crude from Being Sold Overseas


I’ll work to repeal this 1970s ­era law because American energy independence means lower costs for our nation, more jobs at home, and more security for our allies against hostile regimes.

Unfair Trade Restricts American Agriculture Products


I’ll be dedicated to breaking down unfair trade barriers so our people and products have the opportunity to both export to and profit from new markets. When American agribusinesses can fairly compete overseas, people will choose to buy our products.

Protect and Defend Our Conservative Values

I Believe Life is a Gift from God, Begins at Conception


– and that unborn children have the constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is no more important issue than defending the sanctity of life.

I Believe Marriage is a Sacred Union Between One Man and One Woman


In accordance with the Tenth Amendment, marriage policy is a matter “reserved to the States,” not the Supreme Court, and one on which Texans have already spoken. On this issue and others, I will fight for States’ rights.

I Believe in the Right to Bear Arms


Liberals often use tragedies to confiscate or regulate our firearms and demonize gun­ ownership. The Second Amendment is clear: your individual right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” upon by the federal government. I will ensure it stays that way.